The painting gods, have smiled on me today.

Love what I do.


Doing what I Love

Painting is a hard mistress. I spent some time away from her pursuing my interest of exploring Detroit, partially funded by the Fiona Myer Travel Grant Encouragement Award. paint bag detroit

I returned mightily inspired but my painting mistress was not amused. I had abandoned her. She made it difficult for me to start again. I struggled and thrashed around the studio for days, nay weeks. Now, three weeks later, I can finally say I’m back in the groove. Painting confidently and happily, doing what I love, and loving what I do. I am so lucky. I feel truly whole when creating. Thank you, my difficult taskmaster, demander of perfection, and chaser of dreams.

Working whilst Travelling

A difficult task to paint and draw, whilst travelling to Detroit, New Orleans and New York, within a short period of time.

A quick Watercolour sketch of New Orleans, blue and purple house, in historical Seventh Ward, where I stayed.

Tools of the trade, watercolour paints, water, small brush. It was enough equipment to capture a quick sketch, and convey the vibrancy, mess and ultimately the essence of a fascinating part of the world.