Brooklyn Bridge

Open Studios in Dumbo

I participated in DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk October 1. All of DUMBO’s amazing galleries were open. It included twelve galleries, four neighbourhood spots, and the work of eighteen artists on display.

Water NYC
Water NYC

After dining on the obligatory American/ Italian Pizza Experience at Grimaldi”s,  I went to this on a dark, wet night in Dumbo, Brooklyn, under the bridge and was impressed by what I saw.

Bridge New York
Bridge New York

A lot of the gallery spaces were shiny, commercial enterprises with expensive art hung on the walls. One had a Shepard Fairey, of street art fame, piece that had already been sold, but giving no indication to its price. I also visited artists studios, including the Triangle Residency, who provide a fantastic program to engage in artistic practice in Brooklyn,  for international artists. Whilst many of the galleries were all about selling the work, some were artist run and owned, as they were literally just selling their pieces from their workshops or studios. It gave a valuable insight into the working artists life, in the crowded New York Art Scene, and was inspiring and informative to talk to the actual artist, and not to just to view the end product, in a commercial gallery space.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

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