tenth attempt

Circular Canvas

I secured a circular canvas, from the hard rubbish, as is my wont. Problematic from the start I cut off the hideous decorator design on plastic canvas and discovered a worthy stretcher underneath. Pleating the canvas, and rabbit skin gluing it, was a laborious process. At the end i had a superlative canvas to wield my painterly brushmanship on.

Circular Canvas
Circular Canvas
Second attempt
Second attempt
around tenth attempt

This is an attempt I am semi pleased with . It addresses the roundness of the canvas. I realised after much striving, and consultation with Peter Burke, esteemed VU lecturer, I have to let the canvas shape dictate to me, I cannot control it with a regulation static composition.


Have  a piece I am vaguely satisfied with. Will put it away for another day. I learnt a lot. Circular painting isn’t all its cracked up to be. Just ask Sonia Delaunay.

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