Biggest Paint Brush


On the 2nd August, I ventured from my cosy nest to the MADA Open Day, at Monash University. The skys were bleak, the day crisp, but I was a VU student, on a mission. I leapt in my trusty Volkswagon, careered down Dandenong Rd, and

Biggest Paint Brush
Biggest Paint Brush

parked at the temporary entrance, to the revered, Fine Art School.

Fine Art installation
Fine Art installation

I stepped through the plastic sheeting, and gasped at the sense of familiarity and contentment, I felt. A squat, brick building beckoned surrounded by a swarm of orange clad young people. Inside, a makeshift art studio had been set up, and the walls of paper, and giant paintbrushes were too irresistible to ignore.

It was an enlightening experience. I learnt about the rigorous entry requirements,  and had a grand tour of the relatively new facilities, ably assisted by keen volunteer students. The lecturers gave an inspired speech about why they love to work at MADA.

Monash University
Monash University

I liked what I saw and heard, not only did I get to paint, I participated in a Life Drawing Class, and met a jewellery maker, which I learnt I can take as an elective. Inspiring stuff, now I only have to negotiate the intricacies of the VTAC process,  and ensure I present my best body of work possible, to be offered a place.

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